Shifting Your Energy as a Real Estate Agent

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0:00:00 Conversation on Shifting Vibrations and Financial Planning 0:02:44 Conversation Summary: Shifting Vibrations and Narrowing Focus to Feel Good 0:04:38 "Exploring the Benefits of Mindful Self-Care: A Conversation on the Power of Present Moment Awareness" 0:06:04 Conversation on Narrowing Focus and Avoiding Toxic Positivity 0:10:23 Conversation on Positive Thinking and Doubting Doubt 0:12:37 Conversation on Acknowledging Inauthenticity and Avoiding Toxic Positivity 0:16:12 Conversation Summary: Chameleon-Like Adaptability and High Sensitivity 0:17:31 Conversation on Toxic Positivity and Negativity 0:22:06 Reflection on Toxic Positivity: A Personal Experience 0:23:37 Heading: Acknowledging Racism and White Fragility 0:26:35 "The Power of Personal Responsibility: Shifting Your Vibration and Focusing on the Present" 0:28:17 Heading: Exploring the Power of Vibration with Esther Hicks